Chama, New Mexico, United States

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Exceptional Coffee and Espresso

Exceptional Coffee and Espresso

Exceptional Coffee and EspressoExceptional Coffee and Espresso

Exceptional Coffee and Espresso

Exceptional Coffee and Espresso

Exceptional Coffee and EspressoExceptional Coffee and EspressoExceptional Coffee and Espresso

Kickstart your morning with us!

Dining Room Rio Chama Espresso
Dining Room Rio Chama Espresso

Kickstart your morning with us!

Mobile Ordering Help


First time users:

We are happy to announce our mobile ordering platform is up and running. I will use this board to keep you updated as things progress. 

On mobile devices:

The top banner does not show the navigation buttons, you need to click the three bars on the top left to see the 'Mobile Order Here"  button. 

On computers:

You will see the banner across the top that says Mobile Order Here.

This link will take you to our order page.  In the top right corner the circle person icon will take you to a log-in screen, where you can create a safe and secure profile to enter your payment information. 

Once you create your profile, you will only need to log in and verify your payment via the usual methods next time you place an order.


Ordering items is pretty simple, if you don't see something on the website, it only means we have depleted the items, so it wont let you purchase anything we have run out of. 

All of the drinks do not show a price on the menu as it needs to know the size, milk and other items you want first to list the cost.    Once you click on a drink item, a screen will open up and you will see the small, medium and large pricing.  

You will need to select a few items to input your order. Just like we ask you at the counter, you will need to:

  • ASAP or PREORDER (select one) Do you want your order ASAP or  later  (maybe 2pm this afternoon? )
  • SIZE (required) Select your drink size
  • DAIRY (required) Select your dairy (where applicable)  You can select 'none' for items such as brewed coffee, tea, mountain berry, etc. (If you select 'none'  for a latte or a drink that requires a dairy selection, we will default to whole milk.
  • ADD (optional) Add espresso shots, toppings, whipped cream, etc...
  • SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS: (optional) this is if you want decaf, half caf, room at the top, extra hot.
  • ADD A SYRUP PUMP: (optional)  selection of these options can only be a toggle on or off, selecting it multiple times does not add more of that item. For example, if you wanted to add Lavender to a Mountain Wildberry, one pump would not be enough for you to taste it, Lets say you wanted 3 pumps, you could select (1) pump Lavender and also (2) pumps Lavender. Some like (4) pumps Lavender, in that case you can also select raw sugar and then note in special instructions, you would like a total of 4 pumps for that beverage.  These special instructions will print on the Barista's order check. 
  • TEXT BOX (optional) Is there something you want us to know about your order, put it here.  As noted below write CURBSIDE here if you would like us to bring your order out to your car. 
  • CLICK TO ORDER (at bottom) this will take you back to order more items
  • If you have all you need, then select update, it will give you the option to revise your order or select check out. You will need to add your CVV  and your preferred gratuity amount.  Gratuities are shared amongst the  team working that day. 

curbside Pick up

Want us to bring out your order?

Just add curbside in the special instruction box when you order.. It would be helpful to put the color/make of your car to help us out. 

WHere to park

We will keep the North side (smaller lot) for curbside parking to assist our staff and with customers wanting to limit all exposure.

The South side (larger lot) will be for anyone wanting to come in and place their order onsite. 

Please text me if you have any questions.  575-315-0001

Please Know - we are exceeding all required sanitizing guidelines for all of our customers and our staff . 

About Us


Dedicated to Quality

We pride ourselves on providing organic, fair trade tea and coffee in Chama. Handcrafted espresso beverages are our specialty.  We work with local suppliers to source the freshest, highest quality offerings. 


Stay Awhile

Sunny days guarantee that our patio will be full of guests enjoying a drink or treat. On those wintery days, we also offer comfortable seating by the fire inside our cafe with free wifi and plenty of outlets! 


More than Drinks

We offer a wide variety of hot and iced drinks, along with savory and sweet food options. So whether you're stopping for your morning coffee, lunch, or an afternoon snack, we've got you covered!

My Journey to Today